Manual AresPlus

In this simple manual we will show you the main sections of Ares Plus.

First, you will be able to see that Ares Plus has a fully integrated interface, so going from a tab to another is really simple. The idea is for you not to deal with hundreds of tools to perform simple activities.

In the first tab you can find the Multimedia Library. There, you will have access to all the files you have downloaded to the PC. Moreover, you can perform a scan to find all kinds of content that is stored in your hard drive and disc or portable units:

This is one of the most important areas: With the Player of Ares Plus you can watch all kinds of videos and listen to your favourite songs. The tool supports long playlists (you can even download all the multimedia files you have in your PC) and it support incomplete contents: this means that you will be able to check if the file is the one you wanted while you are still downloading it (it is not necessary to wait until the task is finished to do so):

One of the neuralgic sections of Ares Plus is its Search Engine. Here, you just need to add some key words to start the search within the huge network of users. Moreover, you can adjust the capacity of the mentioned engine for it to find exactly what you need. An important factor is that it is possible to perform many simultaneous searches which saves you lots of time:

The screen “Downloads” is quite precise: There you can see what you are downloading, the speed, the sources and the remaining time for the operation to be completed. This is very useful to plan tasks, because you will easily know if you have reached the maximum of bandwidth or if it is possible to pause some tasks to give priority to others, etc :

In the “Chat room” that Ares Plus offers you can find all kinds of groups. Some of them are dedicated to talk directly about the program, but you can also find others for all kinds of interests. The good thing is that you can solve problems and even make friends while you use Ares Plus, which is a good thing:

If you like watching over every task you perform in your PC, pay attention to this area. This part is divided into different subsections that make it easier to find a feature of the program you want to adjust. However, it is necessary to make clear that Ares Plus is completely configured, so we suggest entering into the “Control Panel” only if you have advanced knowledge.

We hope this simple manual has helped you learn what you needed about Ares Plus. Now, you just have to download this utility and try its versatility and quality.

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