Ares Plus

Find and download even faster!

Video, music, software, photos, documents...

You can download everything with Ares Plus.

And of course, FOR FREE!

Ares Plus
Free Download

BitTorrent Protocol Improved

Ares Plus is an enhanced version of the famous file sharing program. Its connection and its compatibility with BitTorrent have been optimized greatly, to achieve faster downloads.

Whatever you search, there it is

You can search and download files shared by 30 million users, chat with them, browse the web looking for of "torrents" and "hashlinks", or preview the movie you are downloading.

Fast and flexible

Its speed and flexibility allows multiple searches, very short waiting queues, great download speed and chat rooms.

Very easy to use

You only have to install Ares Plus, search what you want, select it to download and you get it. Of course, all for free.

Features Ares Plus

  • Downloads now even faster.
  • No prior configuration required.
  • Decentralized and quick network.
  • Chat tools to communicate with other members.
  • Quicker and more accurate search engine.
  • Auto-scan your PC for files.
  • Advanced control panel.
  • All kinds of files at your disposal.

Enhanced Search

Finding what you are looking for is not an easy task; but if you want to improve your luck you...


The community

It is good to feel supported when you use an application. Therefore, if you use Ares Plus...


Downloads control

Do you want to know if the files you are downloading are the ones you were looking for?


Embedded player

There is no need to have dozens of players installed in your PC. If you have Ares Plus...